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taught by Dee McCauley
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Dee McCauley
Dee McCauley
EO Expert & Wellness Educator

About the instructor

Hi there! I'm Dee, and I'm so glad you're here! I'm a wife and Mama to 2 beautiful babies ages 5 and 7 years. I have always favored a natural approach to health & wellness, using herbs, supplements & healthy eating to stay healthy. In the past, I used Essential Oils to make do-it-yourself recipes for green cleaning & making my own soaps. I found doTERRA initially about 8 years ago, when getting a massage for pain from injuries from a car accident. I was blown away with the relief I felt from a blend called Past Tense. A few months later, I found myself a Mother to a special needs child and searching for natural options that I could feel good about giving to my daughter. I love having natural, plant-based products for literally every common problem we face with our health & household cleaning. I love that I don't have to worry about what is in the products I'm using, as they are non-toxic and do not contain hormone disrupting ingredients. I love sharing about how Essential Oils have helped my family and those I have shared them with - both for health concerns and for emotional support. 

When I joined it was just for the oils, I didn't know how I could possibly find the time to pursue this as a business. I had two kids ages 2 and under and my daughter had special needs - so I was busy! What happened, was that I automatically started sharing these oils, and solutions with other Moms. And I decided if I was already doing that, I might as well get paid for it. I found out, that I love empowering other women to build a business online, through their love of natural, simple solutions. Aside from sharing my obsession with natural health using Essential Oils in my day to day life, I also love to connect online through Facebook and Instagram ( you can find me HERE HERE ). If you are ready to get started with Essential Oils, please fill out the Contact Form - I would love to help you get started! Feel free to browse my site, and Register for my online courses on Essential Oils. 



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